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Railway Police provide some tips on how to travel by train safely and easily.

In cooperation with Trenitalia, the Italian Railway Company, the Railway Police published a brochure (which can be downloaded in .pdf format from this page) containing all necessary information for those travelling by train.

Besides the booklet distributed in the main rail stations, here are some tips to move safely inside terminals:

Don't leave any luggage or bags behind you.
Don't leave your luggage unattended.
Always close your bags.
Always keep an eye on your luggage trolley, even if someone asks you for information or you are on the phone.
If you are alone and you want a coffee or wish to buy a newspaper, go to a shop you can enter with your luggage trolley.
Be careful when you put your wallet away!
Always keep your luggage in front of you.

On the train and at the station
Don't leave your luggage unattended in the compartment for long.
Avoid isolated compartments.
Don't accept any food or drinks from strangers: they may contain sleeping drugs or narcotics.
Beware of requests or offers for help from strangers: it could be a trick to divert your attention so that an accomplice can steal your luggage!
Don't accept to carry any luggage or other items belonging to occasional travel companions, especially when passing Customs checks.

Along the railway line
Don't cross the level crossing barriers when they are coming down or are closed.
Don't get off, don't try to get on the train and don't lean out of the window when the train is moving, or you could be run over!
Don't throw stones or other objects at passing trains: you could hurt yourself or harm other passengers.
Don't try to cross the rails even if you can't see any trains approaching, it can be dangerous.

Some tricks frequently used to rob people:
Banging into the victim;
Using cardboards, newspapers, and clothes to hide when pickpocketing;
Causing a crowd to assemble when passengers get on or off trains;
Staining the victim's clothes and then offering help to clean up;
Asking information to divert the victim's attention.

Some tips to avoid thefts or pickpocketing
Bring your money or documents in shoulder bags or in closed inside pockets.
Beware of your personal belongings when getting on and off the train and be careful of people banging into you.

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