Tips for drivers



Drivers should be aware that if they do not respect the law and drive carelessly, they can represent a danger to themselves and other people.

Here are some simple rules of conduct to apply before setting off:

  • do not eat too much; shift workers should rest before leaving;
  • do not take drugs having effects on attention;
  • do not drink alcoholics;
  • plan your journey scheduling some stops to prevent effects of monotony on driving performance;
  • if drowsiness occurs during the journey, stop driving and rest;
  • study your travel route in order not to have any dangerous second thoughts as to the right direction.


Beware of narcotic substances and alcohol

The consumption of alcohol and narcotics severely impairs the driver's performance, since it affects cerebral functions such as perception, attention, mental elaboration, etc. Drivers whose concentration of alcohol in blood exceeds the limits are punished by both criminal (arrest and fine) and administrative sanctions (driving disqualification).

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