Terrorism: Pansa meets the French Police Chief


Il capo della Polizia Alessandro Pansa con il capo della Polizia francese Jean-Marc Falcone

Police Chief Alessandro Pansa met the French police delegation led by the Director General of the French National Police, Prefect Jean-Marc Falcone, in Rome today.

The meeting, which was also attended by Deputy Police Chief Fulvio Della Rocca, was an opportunity to take stock of the current situation and to share information on terrorism and illegal immigration, thus strengthening the scope of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Participants analyzed possible joint actions and preventive measures against terrorism such as the introduction of the EU Passenger Name Record.

The topic of terrorism was dealt with also in connection with illegal immigration, to make an accurate risk assessment of potential terrorist infiltration into migration flows coming from Libya and North Africa, bound for Sicily.

In relation to the issues mentioned above as well as organized crime, it was decided to enhance information sharing and operational support to facilitate cooperation on preventing and countering efforts.

The cooperation between the two countries will also cover document forgery in airports.