Technologies: CNR and DAC take the field


Gaetano Chiusolo e Luigi NicolaisThe President of the National Research Council (CNR) Luigi Nicolais and the Director of the Anticrime Central Directorate (DAC) Gaetano Chiusolo signed an agreement on February 5, 2013 to promote joint initiatives in the field of safety-related technologies.

This cooperation agreement is focused on issues concerning forensic science and public safety and envisages collaborations in various areas: from the analysis of gunshot residues and explosives, to biometric technologies, ballistics, information technology, advanced video surveillance and more. A management committee will be set up to, also in an effort to disseminate the relevant results internationally.

The common goal is to share research and experimentation activities with a view to developing knowledge, skills and methodologies in the field of safety, combining the scientific expertise of the National Research Council, recognized at national and international level, with the experience of the Anticrime Central Directorate in the fight against crime and forensics.

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