Rules for safety at sea


The Maritime Police carries out all tasks and emergency activities requested at sea during the summer months.

During the last years the staff of the 44 Nautical Squads has been carrying out community policing activities on the beaches of tourist seaside resorts: Two policemen walking on the seashore accompanied by a dinghy sailing near the coast.

Here are the rules for safety at sea:

You can generally swim up to 200 metres from the shore. This limit is marked by red buoys or, when possible, by a sign saying "Caution: Limit of dangerous waters not indicated":

A safe water limit depth marker (-1,60 m) has to be signalled by white buoys or , as an alternative, by a sign saying: "Caution: safe water limit not indicated";

Sailing and motor boats, including jet-skis, can only reach the beach through expressly indicated lanes, or engine off or rowing. Windsurfs must be carried by hand in waters where bathers are swimming;

Underwater fishing with a loaded weapon is prohibited within 500 metres from the beaches where bathers are present;

All boats must have rescue equipment suitable to their specific cruising and distance from the coast (please refer to the local port authority regulations).

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