Residence permits: online check now available.


StranieriAs of today foreign nationals can avoid wasting time standing in lines at the Immigration office of the Questura to find out whether their residence permit is available for collection.

A new information channel dedicated to residence permits - fully devised and implemented by the Italian police - can be now consulted directly from the police official website. A foreign national who is waiting for his/her first residence permit, a renewal or a duplicate will find an answer on the internet by visiting our website which offers access to a dedicated database containing specific information. This service is also available on which is easily accessible through mobile devices.

Foreign nationals, after selecting a language among Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic, only need to write the numeric code of their file in the space provided, if the residence permit was applied for at the Questura, or they have to write the numeric code of the registered mail ("assicurata"), if the application was submitted to the Post office.

In a few minutes the system provides the answer: the residence permit is ready for collection or not ready. The system will also give information on the Office it can be collected from, by opening a geographic mapping which covers the whole national territory. This instrument does not tell anything about which stage of the process the file is at; it rather informs the applicant on the final outcome.

Appointment procedures for the collection of the residence permit, organized and scheduled by each Questura, remain unchanged.

Furthermore, by exploiting today's multi-channel technology it is also possible to add this database on one's own i-Google personalized page.

New instruments and the easiest routes to lead citizens and institutions "towards" the best possible solutions together.

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