On buses and the underground


Generally, on crowded means of transport the thief is not the person pushing you, ratherhis/her accomplice; however, stolen goods may pass from one to the other.

Don't carry your wallet i
n your back pockets.

use different methods always based on dexterity: they can just use their hands, or things like sticks, umbrellas, and bags, or avail themselves of razor blades to cut pockets. So be careful when you are banged into with one of these items.

Be vigilant not only on buses
, tramways and underground carriages, but also in large open spaces and on pavementswhilewaiting to get on: at the bus stop or underground stations pushes and pressures may appear to be normal hiding the thief's criminal intent.

It is better to carry money and documents
separately in different inner pockets.

Look around
to identify fellow travellers and thieves, if any.

In case of need contact the staff. Be careful: those offering to give a hand are sometimes involved in the theft.

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