Learn about the National Police at Expo2015



The Polizia di Stato, besides making the public safe during the entire period of the Expo, will be present at the event with a desk at Tim's stand. Like all Italian institutions attending the event, also the National Police will not miss this international showcase to meet the public through conferences and demonstrations.

On May 9, the truck of the social media awareness campaign called "Una vita da Social" will be on the spot. Experts of the postal police will explain to all visitors the main dangers of the Internet, providing tips for safe surfing.

On June 8, there will be a conference on how determining can be a proper diet in an athlete's performance and on the use and abuse of dietary supplements. On this occasion, some athletes of the "Fiamme oro" police sports group, including the multi-medalist boxing champion Roberto Cammarelle, will talk about their experience.

On July 6, at a conference on technology and security, traffic police experts will talk about road safety tools, including the "top crash" system, a cutting-edge equipment for road traffic accident reconstruction and measurements of road accidents through satellite technology. Postal police experts will address the Internet security, cybercrime and attacks on critical infrastructure, focusing on their investigation strategies, which are a model for other European police forces.

There will also be a special focus on the most advanced technology for enhancing prevention and investigation activities through georeferencing systems.

In August, two appointments: the first one is scheduled for August 10, with martial arts demonstrations by Fiamme Oro police athletes, while the second one will take place on August 25 with a conference on sport security and sustainability.

The conference will address violence in sports and initiatives to counter it. Furthermore, the historical link between the traffic police and road cycling will be recalled, namely police assistance with cycling road races providing a safe route for competitors, and their commitment to preventing road accidents.

On September 2, the traffic police will be involved in raising awareness about the risks of drunk and drugged driving. On this occasion, simulated driving tests under the influence of alcohol will be performed.

Finally, on October 2, the police will attend a conference on intellectual property crime through the use of the Internet.

One of the presentations will cover the "card-sharing" phenomenon, i.e. the breach of security systems or conditional access for the distribution of pay-TV contents.

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