Beware of fake holidays frauds


Summer holidays often turn to be an additional stress because of aseries of inconveniences which may occur during our days off. In fact, it sometimes happens that, on our return from what should have been a period of relax, we are obliged to contact a lawyer to defend our rights.

Be very careful when reading the offer description: check prices, conditions, rights, and all additional costs, rejecting any overtly improbable proposals. Beware of the most popular destinations offered at knockdown prices. Moreover, read ads through very carefully, specially those clauses written in microscopic print, since they often conceal a trap. We could find out, for instance, that our accommodation is not on the beach, but very far from it.

When buying on the Internet we must first check whether the firm we are dealing with is serious and reliable. In this regard, the Polizia di Stato points out that no lists of safe or unsafe sites are available. You may check the reliability of sites offering travels and holidays by reading opinions on personal blogs and forums.
On the contrary, if you contact a hotel directly, you have the right to be informed about room details, hotel policies (as for example if pets are allowed), services included in the rate and chargeable ones (such as baby-sitting). Ask for a payment receipt if you have paid in advance, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.

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