Antonio Manganelli


Capo della Polizia Manganelli

Antonio Manganelli was born on 8 December 1950 in Avellino.

After graduating in Law at the University of Naples, he obtained a postgraduate degree in Clinical Criminology at the University of Modena.

In the '70s, he started his career as an investigator, gaining extensive experience first working on kidnapping cases and then on mafia investigations.

He worked together with some of the bravest magistrates, and became an important point of reference for prosecuting and investigating authorities both in Italy and abroad. His name has been associated with the arrests of a number of notorious mafia fugitives.

He lectured on "Criminal Police Techniques" at the Italian Police Academy. He is the author of several scientific publications on kidnapping investigations and criminal police techniques, including a handbook on investigation techniques co-authored with Franco Gabrielli, Director of the Italian intelligence agency SISDE.

In 1996, he was appointed Dirigente superiore. He directed the Central Witness Protection Service and contributed to reforming such sensitive sector with great skill.

He was Questore of both Palermo and Naples.

In 2000, the Council of Ministers appointed him Prefetto di prima classe, assigning him to the post of Criminal Police Director and Deputy Director of Public Security.

On 3 December 2001, he was appointed First Deputy Director of Public Security.

He was appointed Chief of Police by the Council of Ministers on 25 June 2007.

Prefect Antonio Manganelli died while in office on 20 March 2013.


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