Field Organization


There is a Questura in each of the 103 Italian provincial capitals. It is responsible for all the activities carried out by the Polizia di Stato within the province.

In major cities and highly populated towns there are police stations named "Commissariato". Each Commissariato is under the authority of the provincial Questura.

Their task is to control, prevent and fight crime in their jurisdiction, and to deal with paperwork as to, among other things, requests for gun licences, passports, permits, and regularization of foreigners.

Emergency number 113 and patrol units

In every Questura there is a control room ready to help citizens calling the emergency number 113.

Community police

Community police officers work in each of the 103 Italian provincial capitals, keeping a watch on neighbourhood security and citizens' safety. They are equipped with palm computers and mobile phones to respond to citizens' requests in real time.

Police Specialists

There are also field offices for the road police, railway police, communications police, border police and special police units carrying out their duties all over the national territory.

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