Sexual Violence: an English-Language Booklet to Assist Foreign Victims


incontro ambasciataA new English-language booklet, illustrating basic information and protection measures for victims of sexual abuse in Italy and developed by the British Embassy in Italy and the Central Anti-Crime Service of the Polizia di Stato Central Anti-Crime Directorate, has been presented at British Ambassador Ed Llewellyn’s office.

The brochure, which was illustrated in the presence of the Central Anti-Crime Director Francesco Messina, is aimed not only at British citizens but also at anyone who, not being fluent in Italian, can understand English and has been a victim of sexual violence in Italy.

The booklet provides information on how to file a complaint and have access to assistance and protection measures, which are guaranteed in Italy, including the so-called “Red Code”, for a more effective and timely judicial response.

The booklet, which can be downloaded in English and Italian, will be available at all Italian police headquarters and stations and at other public offices.

Polizia di Stato Central Anti-Crime Director Francesco Messina said: "Attention to crimes against women is a priority for the Central Anti-Crime Directorate and today’s initiative is another step to help them defend themselves against all forms of gender-related abuse. This booklet is the result of a particular sensitivity towards the victims of sexual violence, a tragic experience that makes them particularly vulnerable. It is therefore necessary to minimise the risk of secondary victimization which can even be greater when the victim does not know the Italian language and how first aid institutions work in our country”.

British Ambassador Ed Llewellyin commented: “The protection of British citizens in Italy is one of the priorities of our diplomatic mission. I am very grateful to the Polizia di Stato for this opportunity which will make it possible to more effectively assist British women and all those who do not master the Italian language. I would like to thank the Polizia di Stato for the sensitivity and professionalism they have always demonstrated in dealing with and preventing such vile crimes". "We are reassured to know that the police stand by our side”, concluded the Ambassador.

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