Gender-based violence


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In 2021, 89 victims of gender-based violent crimes were recorded in Italy every single day. This figure emerged from the operational analysis of the information flow carried out by the Central AntiCrime Directorate (DCA), and specifically by its Central AntiCrime Service (SCA), which collects and processes the data sent by all the Italian Police Headquarters (Questure) to identify patterns and trends of this criminal phenomenon, to the advantage of an effective implementation of preventive measures by the Questore.

Gender-based violence against women is a complex phenomenon, characterized by incoherent behaviour of those involved. Victims often “hesitate” to contact the police because they find themselves in traumatic psychological situations that make them feel insecure and scared. Not infrequently, abused women also tend to justify the aggressive behaviour of their partners or ex partners.

When women who are victims of violence contact a police station asking for help, they also demonstrate they need time to be able to process what they have experienced. Anyone can be a victim of gender-based violence, a phenomenon that crosses all levels of society.

The aim of these pages is to inform the general public about violence against women, so that these tragedies are not “normalized”, this violence is not justified, and victims are encouraged to come forward and ask for help.

As the Chief of Police-Director General of Public Security said on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, “silence helps the abuser, never the victim”.


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