The Police at Expo 2015 with electric cars and motor scooters


Le auto elettriche della Polizia per l'Expo 2015

To ensure safety and security to the thousands of visitors who are expected to flock to the Milan Expo 2015 site the Police will also use zero-impact vehicles, in line with the issues covered by the event.

The vehicles were presented at Viminale palace, home to the Ministry of the Interior in Rome, in the presence of Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, Police Chief Alessandro Pansa, and President and CEO of BMW Group Italia Sergio Solero.

BMW delivered four i3 cars and six C evolution scooters after winning the public contract for the supply of fully electric vehicles on free-on-loan terms. Both cars and scooters have been fully decked out in the new livery of the Polizia di Stato.

The company will also contribute two fixed recharging stations, again on a free-on-loan basis.

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