Europol launches an initiative to counter illegal immigration


il vice capo con il direttore di europol

Deputy Police Chief Fulvio della Rocca, accompanied by the Director of the International Police Cooperation Service Gennaro Capoluongo met with Europol Director Rob Wainwright at Europol headquarters in The Hague.

During the visit, the Italian delegation had the opportunity to attend the official launch of the Joint Operational Team (JOT) Mare initiative as well as to hold bi-lateral meetings with other countries. JOT Mare is an intelligence centre, staffed with Europol officers and seconded national experts, that will tackle organized criminal groups who are facilitating the journeys of migrants by ship across the Mediterranean to the EU. The same criminal groups also organize the movement of illegal migrants within Europe.

In particular, JOT Mare's mission is to tackle organized crime groups in the countries of origin, transit and final destination although the main focus will be on facilitators organizing the transfers from the countries of origin.

This dedicated maritime intelligence centre will ensure an effective cooperation with Frontex and Interpol by facilitating the exchange of strategic and operational information.