Immigration and terrorism: Prefect Pansa attends a quadrilateral meeting in Munich


Il capo della polizia a Monaco

Police Chief Alessandro Pansa and his deputy Prefect Francesco Cirillo took part in an informal meeting in Munich (Germany), with the Police Chiefs of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

For Germany the President of the Bundeskriminalamt/BKA Jörg Ziercke and the Chief of the Bavarian Police Wilhelm Schmidbauer were in attendance, while for Austria there was the Director General of the Austrian Police Kondrad Kogler, and for Switzerland the Director of the Federal Office of Police (fedpol) Nicoletta Della Valle.

The "Alpentreffen" focused on illegal immigration and terrorism and agreed to set up a joint investigation team for the exchange of information on criminal organizations behind irregular migration into Europe and the so-called "foreign fighters" (Islamic extremists, often second-generation immigrants, who travel abroad to fight).