2015 Police Calendar: Solidarity at Venice Film Festival


premio oscar vittorio storaro

Besides the long-established partnership with the Polizia di Stato and the yearly collaboration on their calendar project, UNICEF is also involved with cinema and was present at the Venice International Film Festival to emphasize the link between the world of cinema and children.

On that occasion, UNICEF Italia President Giacomo Guerrera, receiving the XXXVI Leoncino D'Oro Agiscuola Award, said: "This award is ideally dedicated to Iraqi children. And to emphasize the bonds between the world of cinema and that of children, I'd like to announce a very special initiative: the three-time Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro is the author of the shots for the 2015 National Police calendar, whose proceeds will finance to a Unicef project, as it has been done since 2001. In particular, this year they will be used to help overcome the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic."

How to book

You have time until September 20, 2014 to book the 2015 calendar at the Public Relations Office of your Police Headquarters (Questura). You just need to show a payment receipt on the postal account no. 745000, in favour of "Unicef Comitato Italiano" and as reason for payment you should write "Calendario della Polizia di Stato 2015 per il progetto "Repubblica Centro Africana - nutrizione per i bambini vittime dell'emergenza umanitaria" (2015 National Police calendar for the project "Central African Republic - nutrition for children who are the victims of the humanitarian crisis").


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