Internet: never leave the children alone


Conferenza del MoigeOn the occasion of the Safer Internet Day, celebrated on February 5, 2013, the Ministry of the Interior presented the project "Per un web sicuro" ("For a safe web"), promoted by Moige (the Italian Parents Movement), Trend Micro and Cisco, in partnership with Google Italy, and the Postal and Communications Police.

The project aims at raising awareness among more than 40 thousand people, including children, parents, grandparents and teachers, of a correct and responsible use of the Internet. The sponsor of this initiative was Milli Carlucci, one of the most important hosts of Italian tv.

The Minister of the Interior, Annamaria Cancellieri, expressed her full support to the initiative with a message encouraging a correct use of the web through a wider knowledge of the dangers deriving from an improper use of the Internet.

Training sessions for parents will be held in schools, all over Italy, in the afternoon or evening hours, during which volunteers will offer help and advice on the use of the net, providing tips to protect children online.

According to a Moige survey, 9 out of 10 children in Italy, among a sample of 1,000, surf the net every day having a computer at home. Socialization and entertainment are children's major interests on the Internet: 6 out of 10 youngsters have an account on a social networking site. The survey also reveals an inadequate parental supervision: only 2 parents in 10 set time limits for Internet use.