2013 Calendar of the Polizia di Stato


bozzetto calendario polizia 2013Safety, solidarity, and innovation: these are the main concepts around which the 2013 calendar of the Polizia di Stato was developed, as always, for a charitable cause: financing the Unicef project for Tanzania with the proceeds of sales.

The 2013 calendar "Safer together" was jointly created by the inmates of the Nisida Youth Correctional Facility, the students of the International School of Comics and the Rossellini Filmmaking School in Rome, in collaboration with the Nikon company, under the discreet direction of the Police External Relations Office.

The project, that involved heterogeneous people, gave surprising results.

The Youth Correctional Facility in Nisida, the tiny island in the Gulf of Naples, is part of a project aimed to rehabilitate juveniles serving a prison sentence and hosts the European Centre for Studies on youth alienation and deviance.

The calendar's basic concept was developed by some young detainees, starting from the words Police and State, who worked out the ideas to be expressed in the monthly images. This material was then passed to the students of the International School of Comics, who are studying to be illustrators and cartoonists. They changed these basic ideas into an art product, using their technical skills as well as their imagination and creativity. The product? Twelve Tables, representing the twelve months of 2013, but also the essence of the Polizia di Stato, through the passion and talent of professionals in communication, graphic and visual arts.

Here you can find all the information to buy the 2013 Police calendar, thus contributing to a charity project for Tanzania, a country characterized by a high rate of infant mortality, severely lacking sufficient water supply and with poor sanitation conditions and health standards in schools.

Technology lovers can download the Police calendar apps for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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