Maurizio Checcucci [en]


Maurizio Checcucci delle Fiamme oro Padova

Place of birth: Florence
Date of birth:
26 February 1974
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Sport: Track and Field
Discipline/Event: 100m -200m
Occupation: Police officer (rank: Agente)
Original club: Assi Giglio Rosso Banca Toscana
Present club: Fiamme Oro Padua

Maurizio Checcucci (26 February 1974) had a first approach to athletics as a school child.

After a spell as football player in Tavernelle, he started his competitive career with the Assi Banca Toscana club and, under the guidance of Daniela Martini, he won a bronze medal at the 1993 European Junior Championships in San Sebastián (Spain). Since then Maurizio Checcucci has been wearing the blue vest of Italy in international competitions, joining the police sports club "Fiamme Oro" in 1994.

Maurizio has always been one of the strongest Italian sprinters, having three Olympic appearances: Sidney 2000 - where he finished 7th in the relay - Athens 2004, and Beijing 2008.

He won the silver medal at the 2010 European Championships in Barcelona in the 4x100 relay (Donati, Collio, Di Gregorio, and Checcucci) setting the new Italian record of 38"17.

He has a personal best of 10"09 in the 100 m and of 20"81 in the 200 m.


Olympic Games
Beijing 2008
Athens 2004
Sidney 2000 - 7th 4x100

European Championships
2010 - Barcelona (Spain) - Silver 4x100 (Italian record)
1993 - Juniores - San Sebastián (Spain) - Bronze 200 m

Italian Championships:
2008 - Gold 4x100 (Francesco Agresti, Lorenzo Tendi, Giuseppe Aita, and Maurizio Checcucci)
1999 - Oro 200 m

European Cup
2000 - Bronze 4x100

Italian record 4x100:
38.17 (Donati, Collio, Di Gregorio, and Checcucci)

Personal Records:
100 m 10.09 (v) (2001)
100 m 10.26 (2009)
200 m 20.81 (2001)

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