Track and Field


L'ostacolista delle Fiamme oro Emanuele Abate

The "Queen", that's how this sport is familiarly called. Athletics was contested in the ancient Olympic Games and still continues to attract attention in the modern ones, which were inaugurated in Athens in 1896.

Athletics includes multiple events , which can be divided into 3 disciplines: running, jumping and throwing. Running events are usually held on a 400m oval track inside the stadium.

Racing events take place on track, road, grass or dirt, while jumping and throwing competitions are held on special platforms.

Track and field events are the same for men and women, differing only in the height of obstacles and hurdles - which are lower for women- in the weight of the throwing gear, and in the number of competitions in combined events: 10 for men (decathlon) and seven for women (heptathlon).

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