Online guides: fireworks, a bit of clarity


All authorized fireworks must display a comprehensive label on their package showing the following data: details (reference number and date) of the Ministry of the Interior decree authorizing its sale; the name of the product, the manufacturing firm and country, the importer, the firework classification, the main manufacturing features (among which the active mass net weight of the firework) as well as clear and exhaustive instructions on their use to be followed carefully.

Products without a regular label are illicit and must be considered as "prohibited fireworks", since their origin as well as manufacturing and operation features are not granted. Be always very careful when using exploding products and other types of rockets and shells. In fact, according to statistics, the most serious accidents are caused by this kind of items.

In particular, it is strictly forbidden any manipulation of these products (emptying and recharging, joining more pieces together, igniting flammable substances, etc.)

Fireworks for amusement available on the market can be divided into different "classes":

Class IV - Products for professional use which can be sold by duly authorized traders only (never by stallholders) and purchased only if in possession of ad hoc police licences (gun licence, purchase authorization). Their possession must be reported to the Police and to fire them a police authorization is always needed;

Class V - group C - Products sold by duly authorized traders only (never by stallholders) to people over 18 who must exhibit their ID to the seller. The ID data have to be noted in the police register. Their possession must be reported to the Police. They can be used only upon possession of the relevant law permissions (section 57 of the Unified code of Public security laws- TULPS);

"Free sale" products
They can be sold to people over 14 by traders (also stallholders) possessing the necessary licence. They are generally sold in supermarkets, stationary shops, housewares, etc. since a selling licence is not necessary. Their possession must not be reported to the Police. They can be used observing the common caution rules and instructions for use which must be present on the label. It is advisable that these products are always set off by an adult, after reading the directions for use carefully.

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