Atm cash station


At the ATM cash point: Observe the ATM for signs of tampering. A micro-camera could be installed inside, in a position which enables it to monitor the keypad.

Slot: Check the slot into which you slide your card is well fixed. If it is loose or peels off this could mean that a skimmer has been attached to it.

Keyboard: Check whether the keypad is well fixed. Often criminals use keypad overlays, that transmit PIN numbers. In this case there will be a 2-millimiter difference in height.

Pin: Cover your hand when entering your PIN -make sure you are not being watched.

In case of doubt: Do not place you card into the Atm and do not enter your PIN code. Walk away and call the police.

Generally criminals lay in wait nearby, so that they can keep an eye on the ATM point. Aboard their cars they have wireless laptops capable of receiving information and images from a video camera.

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