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Uno dei cani poliziottoAfter many working years, police dogs retire too. As a rule they are entrusted to their handlers with whom they have shared so many experiences, but a police officer is not always in a position to live with his/her four legged friend. Thus the idea of adoption was begun.

When there are dogs available, their cards are included in these pages. If you are willing to adopt one and ready to devote some of your time to him/her, we suggest you surf this page to check availability of dogs.

Former police dogs can be adopted both by private citizens and associations. However, it is necessary to be experienced with watchdogs and protection dogs. Psychological features of dogs to be adopted are fully described in their cards so that those ready to take them can assess the engagement required.

How to adopt them
If you wish to adopt a police dog you must fill in the B1 application for adoption (pdf 12 KB) and send it directly or by certified mail (or by fax to n. 06/985623317) to "Centro di Coordinamento dei Servizi Cinofili c/o Istituto per Sovrintendenti e di Perfezionamento per Ispettori - Via S. Barbara, 94 - 00048 Nettuno - (Rome) (Certified Electronic Mail (PEC): If for some reasons you change your mind or you can't adopt the dog any longer, it is mandatory to fill in a B4 declaration of cancellation (pdf 7 KB) to be sent to the same address.

After assessing the applications, the above mentioned "Centro Coordinamento dei Servizi Cinofili" will make a decision about the adoption. Upon picking the dog up, the owner will be interviewed in order to check his/her compatibility with the dog and his/her ability to handle the animal.

If within 15 days the adopting person has not collected the dog, he/she will lose this chance and the former police dog will be given to someone else.

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