The Police tips to the elderly against frauds


Do not open the door to strangers,even if they wear a uniform or affirm they work for some public utility companies. Always check by a phone call which service is sending the workers ringing your bell and why. If you do not feel reassured, do not open to anyone. Remember that no corporation sends their staff to your door for bill payments, refunds or replacements of fake banknotes given by mistake.
For any problems or doubts do not hesitate to call on 113.

If you want to withdraw or deposit money safely, possibly don't go aloneto your bank or post office, specially on those days when pensions are paid or other payments are due. Do not stop along the road to lend an ear to individuals offering easy money or asking to check your cash or your pension book, even if they are distinguished-looking people with friendly behaviour.
If you feel someone is watching you, do not leave the bank or the post office premises and inform the employees or the security guards about your suspicions.
If you feel observed when you are in the street get into a shop or look for a police officer or a trustworthy person.

On your way back and forth from and to the bank or the post office, if you have money with you, do not stop to talk with strangers and don't let yourself be distracted. Remember no bank or post office cashiers will ever run after you for any currency counting error.
Be careful when using your ATM card: do not withdraw money if you feel observed.

Tips for children, grandchildren and next of kin
Don't leave your elder relatives alone, even if you do not live with them, call them often and concern yourself with their everyday problems.
Always remind them to take all necessary precautions in their contacts with strangers.
If they have any doubts, make them clear that it is important to ask you or a neighbour for help, or to contact the police at 113 .
Even if they don't ask, remember they need you.

Tips for neighbours
If there are any elderly people who live by themselves in your building, exchange a few words with them from time to time. This will make them feel they are not alone.
If a stranger knocks at their door, ask them to call on you. Your presence will make them feel safer.
Report to 113 any anomalous or suspicious circumstances involving your elder neighbour.

Tips for bank and post office clerks
When an elderly person shows up at the counter and asks for a huge sum of cash, waste just one minute of your time talking to him/her. This could be enough to prevent an unfortunate experience.
Explain them that no bank or post office clerks will ever ask you to make a check outside the bank or the post office premises.
Askthem to contact you if they feel unsure.

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