Driving and stopping


Don't leave any bags, furs and objects attracting attention on the seats. Don't entrust your car keys to unlicensed parking attendants;

Beware of people who insist on slowing you down or diverting your attention during stops: an accomplice could be ready to act;

If your car is loaded when you get off for a stop, don't leave any windows open: it is like opening the doors. If possible, park your car in a place where there is plenty of light; if the area where you usually park is not well lit enough, apply to the competent authority for more lighting.

Solidarity is of vital importancewhen driving, and stopping to help is a duty for everyone.

If you refuel at night,if possible, don't stop at isolated self-services but drive further for a safer filling station.

Be careful when arriving or leaving with your car: look carefully all around you, in the car park or in the garage, in order to avoid dangerous encounters.

If your garage is in common with other owners,first switch on all the lights, and if you notice something unusual (a half-open door, a gate left open, etc.) don't park and call other people.

Ensure your car's side windows, doors and boot are closed.

Even if you get out only to buy a newspaper or a packet of cigarettes, turn off the engine, take the keys out of the dashboard, and always close the doors.

Remember you can have your plate and chassis numbers indelibly marked on the car windows.

If your car has been stolen, report the theft as soon as possible. Always keep the car documents' copies at home: they can be of help when reporting its theft.

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