Technical checks before leaving


Even ifyou drive a latest generation car, equipped with instrumentation fit for indicating malfunctions and wear on mechanical parts, always check some parts of the vehicle to travel safe.

It is necessary to check:

the level of liquids, the filters, and last but not least, the steering in order to avoid excessive swerves or vibrations, which may indicate the presence of faults in other mechanical parts;

the rims, to ascertain there are no deformations causing vibrations to the steering and pressure loss to tyres;

the tyres, as regards wear, pressure and "old age" which alter their physical and chemical characteristics;

the shock absorbers (if worn, they can provoke instability in turning and braking), together with the tyres, are the parts giving stability to the car;

the air-conditioning climate control,the braking system(beware of brakes in wet weather, since they could fail), screenwipers, and lights (always take some extra lamps and fuses).

(modificato il 08/04/2011)
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