Dedicated to children: Beware of…


Do not use any prohibited fireworks. Buy only those legally sold and ask an adult to set them off (mum and daddy or someone you trust).

If a firework doesn't set off, do not try to light it again, but throw it in the bin.

Use fireworks in open areas,far from people and flammable materials.

Take shelter in a safe placewhen fireworks are being let off.

Never pick up unexploded fireworks on the street, they are highly dangerous.

Misuse of any type of fireworks can have serious consequences:

  • you can burn yourself
  • you can blow your fingers off, damage your eyes and suffer other very serious injuries.

Do not handle them for too long and do not try to combine them since they may go off abnormally.

Fountains, spinning wheels, smoke candles, small crackers, match crackers, and Catherine wheels
Stand back when the fuse has been lit.

Pull-out bottles, pull-out pistols, snappers
Never aim at people.

Roman candles or sparklers
They can be used also at home, but they must be kept at safe distance from clothes, curtains, sofas and other flammable objects. Beware of people around you: a spark could hit their eyes or skin causing serious burns.

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