The mountain handbook


Prepare your itinerary beforehand by consulting maps and tourist guides. Equip yourself with ad hoc mountain shoes, clothes and gear.

Consult snow and weather reports: remember that weather conditions in the mountains can change dramatically in a few minutes.

Before setting off for an excursion choose a proper route for your skills and training. Overestimating your abilities could be dangerous for you and your companions.

Ensure you can use your equipment and do not forget to take a first aid set.

If you decide to set off on your own, take a mobile phone or a transceiver. Always give someone information about your route and the approximate time you will get back. Mountain huts have registers to note down your origin and your destination.

When on excursion, follow indications and lane markings regarding your route carefully. When in doubt, always ask for information from the mountain huts' managers.

If weather conditions get worse soon after you set off, go rapidly back to the point of departure. If you are caught in a thunderstorm, do not shelter in group under isolated trees. It is better to take refuge under a rock or in a cave far from rain streams.

Equip yourself in order to be protected from cold and sun rays by wearing boots, windbreaker, gloves, hats, sunglasses, and suntan creams.
If you walk away from marked paths, you must rope up.

If you witness an accident, call emergency number 118 at soon as possible providing all necessary information without panicking.

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