Train, ship and plane


Don't fall asleep leaving your bags, shoulder bags and jackets unattended.

Don't leave anyvaluablesin your compartment if you go to the toilet or for longer absences.

If you travel at night, keep your valuables in not easily accessible places; don't sleep lying on your back, leaving your wallet within the crooks' reach.

If you travel in a sleeping car, don't forget to lock your compartment door.

Beware of improvised sellers and travel companions who tell you sad stories for the purpose of convincing you to buy something.

If you travel by ship, store your valuables in the safe.

Don't accept to bring bags or items belonging to unknown travel companions, specially when passing Customs checks.

If possible, don't keep your return tickets in the same place.

Remember that when travelling you are more relaxed, but also more careless, while crooks lie in wait.

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