At the Post Office and at the bank


When depositing or withdrawing money, try not to go alone. Pay special attention when withdrawing pensions or making other regular payments.

Follow the cashier's operationscarefully, so that you won't need to stand aside in order to count your money again.

Put your cash into an inside pocketand keep a purse with a few odd coins handy so that you can use it for shopping or, in case of robbery, give it to the criminals.

Do not carry any bags or shoulder bags and do not put any money into them.

If you feel observed, stop inside the bank or the Post Office and express your fears to the person you are with or to the security guard. If you are in the street, enter a shop, look for a police officer or a trustworthyperson.

When walking with cash in your pockets, do not stop along the way and avoid any distractions.

Be careful when using your cash card: do not withdraw any money if you feel observed.

Elderly people and their pensions are crooks' special targets: offer to accompany your granny or your dad.

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