Fairs, markets and other events


Crowds help crooks to act, also because people are inclined to be totally absorbed by what they see around them, thus being less careful.

Being overloaded with luggage or being too concentrated on goods and prices displayed draws attention toyou and prevents you from reacting promptly.

It is a good habit, when taking off your overcoat or jacket, to empty your pockets. It's child's play to steal documents and money from a jacket carried over one's arm.

If you visit a fair or a market with your kids, besides normal caution not to get lost in the crowds, beware they do not facilitate the crooks' job: they could use your kids to divert your attention abusing their naivety.

If you can, try to have at least one hand free; if it is not possible, try to carry another bag together with the most precious one: this will throw the criminal into confusion.

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