Regulatory development


scheda evoluzione normativa

Patterns of patriarchy are no longer present in our laws, codes and case law but they have left behind deep traces that obviously influence the behaviour of many men. For example, the provision on ‘shotgun marriages’ (art. 544 of the criminal code) was repealed as recently as 1981. A complex problem requires an integrated approach consisting in multifaceted responses and different types of strategies and actions that go beyond increasing the penalties for those who resort to violence. Prosecution is necessary, but it should be accompanied by other measures that can prevent violence or stop it before it escalates.

1) Provisions against sexual violence – Law no. 66 dated 15 February, 1996

2) Measures against violence within the family – Law no. 154 dated April 8, 2001

3) Persecutory acts and sexual violence – Law no. 38 dated April 23, 2009

4) Protection of children left orphaned by domestic violence – Law no. 4 dated January 11, 2018

5) Protection of victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence – Red Code – Law no. 69 of July 9, 2019.


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