Welcome: our “;Foreign nationals”; section now online in English


Union JackThe main entry requirements for foreigners who wish to enter Italy, the different types of visa, how and where to apply for a residence permit, the provisions regulating EU nationals' stay in Italy and how to obtain recognition of refugee status. The English version of our section dedicated to foreign nationals is now online.

This is an important step forward which will open our website to a larger number of foreign users, providing those who wish to move to our country with a set of useful information in English, together with some helpful links and documents to download.

This initiative intends to offer foreign nationals an extra tool to facilitate interaction with public institutions and law enforcement agencies, while giving them the possibility to look through the relevant provisions and totally understand them, avoiding breaching the law.

The English version of the "Foreign nationals" section can be found in the horizontal menu under the heading "English". It supplements and enhances the multilingual sections - already available on the website - which contain information about the organization of the Polizia di Stato.

These new contents bring added value to our website, fully in line with the highest standards set by institutional websites offering services to users. We have chosen to start with English since it is one of the most widely spoken languages around the world.

(modificato il 11/11/2009)
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