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Residence permit for medical treatment or study

Residence permit for medical treatment

If you seek medical treatment in Italy, you may apply for an entry visa and a residence permit for medical purposes. The application may also be submitted on your behalf at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence by a member of your family or another person acting in your place.

Your application should include the following supporting documents:

  • a letter from the Italian public/private hospital of your choice giving details of your medical condition, the treatment you need, and how long the medical treatment is estimated to last (start-date/end-date);
  • a recent bank statement giving evidence that you have sufficient funds deposited in your account to cover the expected full costs of the medical treatment you need;
  • evidence that you can afford accommodation and maintenance costs for you and any accompanying person during your stay in Italy.

Residence permit for study

As autonomous and self-governing entities, Italian universities encourage foreign students to enrol on degree courses according to quotas established on an annual basis and following agreements with other foreign universities.

If you are a student wishing to be accepted on a degree course, you must possess either a final higher school diploma issued in Italy or a final diploma recognized as equivalent if it has been issued abroad.

You are also entitled to attend degree courses either if you hold an EC residence permit for long-term residents ("carta di soggiorno") or a residence permit for work, family, political asylum, humanitarian protection or religious grounds.

Before your residence permit for study or for training purposes expires you are entitled to switch to a residence permit for work according to national quotas established under the legal labour migration flows scheme.

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