Elenco articoli - Luglio 2012

Windsurf [en]

Una regata di windsurf 26-07-2012 Moving on the water with the wind in your hands is the essence of windsurfing, a sport practiced by many fans around the world. The windsurfing event, which is part of the sailing competitions, was introduced for men in the 1984 Olympic Games, while the first women's appearance was at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. In this sport the athletes stand on a board with a

Federico Esposito [en]

Federico Esposito, delle Fiamme oro Sabaudia 26-07-2012 Place of birth: Piombino (Livorno) Date of birth: 7 July 1986 Height: 168 cm Weight: 65 kg Sport: Windsurf Disicpline: RS:X Windsurfer Men Occupation: Police Officer (rank: Agente) Original club: Centro Velico Piombinese Present club: Fiamme Oro Federico Esposito took up windsurfing at an age of 10 and only one year later he already won his first Italian title